Kistler LabAmp 5165A

Kistler LabAmp 5165A

Measuring with Piezoelectric Sensors Has Never Been So Easy

The new measuring amplifier Kistler LabAmp 5165A provides incredible flexibility for dynamic measurements. Universal sensor inputs, integrated data acquisition and an intuitive user interface allow quick results and a lean measurement setup. The low-noise design caters for highest signal quality.

Measurement „à la carte“

Communication with the one or four-channel amplifier is via Ethernet. This permits user-friendly operation in a conventional web browser – the simplest method for rapid configuration of the Kistler LabAmp. The software interface to the widely used LabVIEW™ graphics development tool makes it possible to integrate the device directly in one’s own application and to process the flow of data. Traditional users, who primarily use the analog ±10V output signals, profit from the fully flexible 2-point scaling.

Versatile Talent in Everyday Work

For everyday work, no matter how the Kistler LabAmp 5165A is used, its technical spec is highly impressive. Its wide charge and frequency range, the 24 bits digitization plus the extensive filter options make it a versatile partner for laboratory work. As a result, taking measurements with piezoelectric sensors, and the charge signals associated with this, becomes easier than ever before. In addition the device practically configures itself when connected to Piezotron sensors (IEPE) with integrated TEDS.

Technical Data

  • 1- or 4-Channel Version Universal Inputs for Piezoelectric Sensors (Charge), Piezotron Sensors (IEPE) and Voltage Signals
  • Charge Range 100 pC … 1 000 000 pC
  • Frequency Range 0,1 Hz … 100 kHz
  • 24-Bit Data Acquisition with up to 200 kSps per Channel
  • Extensive Filter Options
  • TEDS (IEEE1541.4) for Piezotron Sensors
  • 1 or 4 Analog Outputs with Flexible 2-Point-Scaling and Internal Routing



The Kistler LabAmp Type 5165A... has been designed for use in research, development and laboratory. It is an excellent choice where ever dynamic signals need to be measured precisely and with high signal quality. Acceleration and vibration measurements, pulsating pressure applications or force measurements of fast machining procedures are just a few examples where the Kistler LabAmp Type 5165A shows his strengths.

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