Semiconductor, electrical and electronic industries rely on Kistler measurement technology to optimize quality and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).

Semiconductor electrical and electronics industries

Piezoelectric dynamic force measurement is the technology of choice to meet the growing requirements for quality assurance and productivity in semiconductor manufacturing. This highly efficient process monitoring method ensures high-resolution monitoring and repeatability of the applied forces – no matter how small – and it is equally suitable for inspection processes.

The measurement technology can be applied in the same way to processes in electrical and electronic component manufacturing – of products for the computer, communications and consumer electronics (3C) sector, for instance. Our solutions are based on dynamic force and torque measurement: they can monitor complex assembly processes for a vast range of products (displays are just one example). Our systems can also perform high-precision product testing, including tactile behavior testing on control elements and spring testing.

The combination of highly sensitive sensor technology and force-displacement or force-time monitoring is the key to reliable acquisition, visualization and evaluation of measurement data. This provides the basis for valuable statements about the quality of manufactured components – and it also ensures that faulty parts are detected and/or separated out at an early stage.