Solutions for nuclear power plant monitoring

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Nuclear energy was first used to power an electric light bulb in 1948; today, nuclear power plants generate around 14 percent of the world's power output. Measurement technology from Kistler plays a vital part in this sector: for example, we offer sensors for monitoring of flow-induced vibrations (FIV) – in the air, and in static as well as pressurized water. Our engineers have already installed solutions for FIV testing of steam generators, cores and pipes.

Ready-to-use systems for different testing applications

In general, dynamic pressure and force sensors as well as normal and waterproof accelerometers are available for nuclear power plant monitoring. Other applications include monitoring of piping systems for vibration velocity and pressure, and the Loose Part Monitoring System (LPMS); tribology testing for nuclear fuel stick holding systems; safety valve testing; corium melt drop testing; and regular surveys to prevent vibration fatigue on pressurized water reactors.

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