Trainings: calibration and testing / 9966B28-KA-CAL

Accredited calibrations and service calibrations of measurement equipment provide the basis for precise measurements.


Calibration is a measurement process for determining and documenting the deviation of display values of a measuring instrument or a material measure against a standard. Kistler has a wide range of calibration or testing laboratories. The trainings offered on this subject is aimed at users and equipment owners of measuring and testing equipment and provides information on terms, fundamentals, normative references and recommendations for equipment management.
Main features / advantages
  • Test- and measurement equipment management and calibration
  • Head of Test-/ Calibration Laboratory
  • MSA / MFU
The monitoring and calibration or testing of test- and measuring equipment is specified in various standards. The Kistler seminars provide an introduction the proper and targeted metrological and organizational handling of measuring organizational handling of measuring instruments and their calibration or testing.