IEPE triaxial accelerometers, center through-hole, ceramic shear, 50 … 2000 g / 8764B

Kistler offers triaxial accelerators allowing to select various mounting positions in e-motor and e-powertrain NVH testing.


Family Type 8764B are miniature, 6 gram center hole triaxial accelerometers with ±50, ±100, ±250, ±500, ±1000, and ±2000 gram measurement ranges.
  • Easy connector orientation
  • M4.5 and 1/4 – 28, 4-pin connector options
  • Voltage output
  • Ground isolated
  • TEDS option
  • Conforming to CE
Family Type 8764B are IEPE (Integrated Electronics Piezo-Electric) triaxial accelerometers permitting vibration measurements in three mutually perpendicular axes: x, y, and z. Type 8764B features Kistler shear element technology, assuring high immunity to base strain. These accelerometers use a welded titanium construction for low mass and hermeticity and an industry standard 4-pin connector, as well as miniature 4-pin connectors for lower mass. The aluminum anodized base provides ground isolation from mounting surfaces. Type 8764B has a center hole mounting permitting flexibility for 360° orientation of the cable and allowing a wide selection of locations for mounting.