Smart factory in Winterthur: Kistler buys a large property

Winterthur, September – On August 30, Kistler signed the contract to acquire a plot of land in Winterthur. The property is situated adjacent to the company's current headquarter. A smart factory will be built on almost 20,000 square meters: a hub of state-of-the-art production and logistics.

Rolf Sonderegger, CEO of the Kistler Group
Rolf Sonderegger, CEO of the Kistler Group with headquarter in Winterthur.

The Smart Factory will represent the innovation and production center of the future. The factory will combine the most modern processes with a high level of automation. Furthermore, the aim is to create the world's largest production facility for piezoelectric sensors. “We believe in Switzerland as a workplace. This is why Kistler is investing in Winterthur, and establishing the foundation for future growth,” says Rolf Sonderegger, CEO of the Kistler Group.Kistler is now spread across three locations in Winterthur. The site expansion will enable Kistler to unite all employees under one roof which facilitates exchange and promotes synergies.

Kistler sees the smart factory as a place for meeting and collaboration, which will also be open to customers and partners.

It was important to the former owner to sell the property to a local industrial company to strengthen Winterthur as an economic region. The move is scheduled for 2028.

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