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Working with NC joining systems (ID)
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The integration of process monitoring is gaining importance in industrial production. In automated joining and embossing tasks in particular, the advantages of electromechanical NC joining systems is apparent. They help reduce energy costs, increase plant utilization and aximize the economic efficiency of the production operation. This introductory course provides insight into the design and principle of operation of electric joining modules. In a workshop setting, the trainers will teach the participants how to work with the modules in a step-bystep anner and will provide exercises that simulate various processes based on real-world examples. In addition to Kistler NCF modules, IndraDrive and S7-CPU will also be used.

Seminar content

  • Fundamentals of joining technology
  • System design and principle of operation of individual components
  • Initial start-up of the NC joining system with a typical parameter assignment
  • Integration into the machine PLC using the example of the S7 CPU
  • Servicing of NC joining systems
  • Troubleshooting and correction
  • Documentation for quality assurance

The participants will have an understanding of the system design and principle of operation of NC joining systems. After attending the seminar, they will be able to start-up and service the system.

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