Multicomponent dynamometer, 60 kN, cover plate 260x260 mm / 9255C

The multicomponent dynamometer is a high-precision measurement system for validating the stiffness of tire models.
  • Piezoelectric three-component dynamometer with force ranges Fx, Fy ±30 kN, Fz –10 … 60 kN
  • Cover plate 260x260 mm
  • Natural frequency fn (x), fn (y) 2.2 kHz, fn (z) 3.3 kHz
  • Fischer 9-pin flange connector
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Measuring ranges
Minimum measuring range [kN]
-10 kN
Maximum measuring range [kN]
60 kN
Measuring range Fx [kN]
-30 … 30 kN
Measuring range Fy [kN]
-30 … 30 kN
Calibrated range Fx [kN]
0 … 30 kN
Calibrated range Fy [kN]
0 … 30 kN
Calibrated range Fz [kN]
0 … 60 kN
Product type
Force sensor type
A dynamometer is a force plate measuring forces and moments.
Multicomponent dynamometer
Preloaded sensor
Preloaded sensors are already calibrated and therefore ready-to-use. Non-preloaded sensors are smaller.
Mechanical properties
Stiffness Cx [kN/μm]
2 kN/μm
Stiffness Cy [kN/μm]
2 kN/μm
Stiffness Cz [kN/μm]
3 kN/μm
Overload Fx [kN]
-36, 36 kN
Overload Fy [kN]
-36, 36 kN
Overload Fz [kN]
-12, 72 kN
Maximum crosstalk Fx→Fy
-2 … 2 %
Maximum crosstalk Fx→Fz
-2 … 2 %
Maximum crosstalk Fy→Fx
-2 … 2 %
Maximum crosstalk Fy→Fz
-2 … 2 %
Maximum crosstalk Fz→Fx
-1 … 1 %
Maximum crosstalk Fz→Fy
-1 … 1 %
Metrological characteristics
Linearity represents the maximum deviation/error between ideal and actual output signal characteristics in relation to the measurand in a specific measuring range. It is expressed in percentage of the range of measurement signal (Full Scale Output).
≤±0.5 %FSO
≤0.5 %FSO
<0.01 N
Electrical properties
Output signal type
Charge (Piezoelectric, PE)
≈500 pF
Minimal insulation resistance
10^13 Ω
Ground Insulation
>10^8 Ω
Influence quantities
Fx: -7.8 pC/N, Fy: -7.8 pC/N, Fz: -3.9 pC/N
Certificates and Standards
Degree of protection EN 60529
Operation and installation
Operating temperature range
-20 … 70 °C
NVH testing, Tire testing, Cutting processes and machining development, eVTOL / UAV / drone testing, Rocket and jet engine testing
Cable properties
Cable included
No cable included
Connector type
Fischer 104 9-pin (negative)
Dimensions and materials
52 kg
This is a piezoelectric three-component dynamometer for measuring the three orthogonal components of a force. The dynamometer has a great rigidity and consequently a high natural frequency. Its high resolution enables the smallest dynamic changes in large forces to be measured.
Data sheet
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Quartz 3-Component Dynamometer Type 9255C
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