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KiDAQ from Kistler is a universal and modular data acquisition system for more than 20 different measurands.
CEUS Technology Training caliTEST (ID)
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The caliTEST test bench is an automatic calibration device that is internationally recognized as a calibration standard for manually operated torque screwdrivers. The device has the necessary metrologyl features and drive methods to conduct tests according to ISO 6789-2 or other test methods. It also allows for the programming of user-defined test methods and automatic performance of tests or calibrations. To operate caliTEST using the CEUS software, knowledge of the necessary technology parameters is required. In this seminar, participants will learn how to efficiently use this calibration device.

Seminar content

  • Introduction to the CEUS quality management system
  • caliTEST development stages
  • Device operation, handling, control elements
  • Safety aspects, behavior in case of malfunction
  • Test strategies: BIC, KIC, MCA, initial testing and rule check
  • Tool technologies: type I (indicating keys),
  • type II (actuating keys)
  • Parameter page, technology parameters
  • Measurement operation, measurement operation results, measurement operation mask, measuring modes
  • Drive selection
  • Route operation
  • System configuration and test program caliTEST
  • Practical examples

The goal of this workshop is to become more proficient in the use of caliTEST and optimize day-to-day work through the skills gained.

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