Measuring cable installation

Why is the correct routing of cables for piezoelectric measurement technology important?

Cables and connectors play a critical part within of the piezoelectric measurement chain. The installation of measurement cables has to be carried out with great care in order to ensure the loss-free transmission of the measurement signal and avoid signal interferences. Attention during  installation is focused on three main areas: 

  • Stress-free and protected installation of the cables
  • Protection of the cable against external damage after installation
  • Avoidance of signal interference

Expert installation of the measuring cables includes:

  • Electrical decoupling – avoid routing cables near strong electromagnetic fields
  • Fix cables, do not apply tension to cables
  • Do not attach cables on vibrating and moving components
  • Consider minimum bending radius of cables
  • If possible, install cables into a cable duct
  • Minimize the total cable length
  • Remove sources of interference such as frequency converters