Make testing faster and more efficient with Kistler‘s DTI technology

Winterthur, July 2017 – Kistler makes vehicle dynamics and durability testing faster and simpler. As the leading provider on the market, Kistler delivers integrated measuring solutions featuring its groundbreaking Digital Transducer Interface (DTI) technology.

Reliable tests are the essential basis for optimum vehicle development and engineering. The objective is to capture exact measurements of a vast number of physical variables. That's why many hours are often needed for each test setup. So, is there a way to reduce the enormous time and expense needed to obtain precise measurements from vehicle dynamics, tire and durability tests? Many customers ask this question – and Kistler, the expert in dynamic measurement technology, has come up with the answer.

Make Testing Faster and More Efficient with DTI Technology from Kistler
Make Testing Faster and More Efficient with DTI Technology from Kistler

One Cable for Everything

When you opt for Kistler's DTI technology, you can be sure that your test setup will be fast and efficient. Only one single cable is needed to configure the sensors, transmit and synchronize the measurement data, and supply power. TEDS-assisted automatic sensor detection makes configuration even simpler. Installed position, calibration values and relevant physical parameters are detected automatically by the KiCenter (Kistler's measurement software), where they can be configured. The results: guaranteed maximum process reliability – and efficient use of your time.

A Complete End-to-End Solution – from Sensor to Software

 DTI technology makes use of an end-to-end bus system for the entire application. Signals are digitized as required, and converted into a DTI signal. This takes place either directly in the Kistler DTI sensors, or via suitable Kistler DTI converters if sensors are already present. The sensor data is fed into the central Kistler DTI logger – with no risk of interference – and is then transmitted via Ethernet to the computer for recording.

DTI Technology for Braking Distance Measurements

For brake path measurement with straightforward ABS braking to DIN 70028, Kistler offers you a perfected, holistic measurement solution based on our DTI technology. Its components include Kistler sensors and triggers, the DTI logger and the KiCenter. Test setup couldn't be simpler thanks to the 'One Cable for Everything' concept. KiCenter enables end-to-end configuration of all connected sensors, guiding you through the entire test with three sequential measurement data displays – before, during and after the measurement task. The benefits: users can focus fully on their work, and valuable time is gained on the test track.

A Proven Track Record in Vehicle Safety Testing

Several years have already passed since Kistler successfully launched its DTI technology for vehicle safety testing. Over 40,000 DTI channels are currently in use for crash tests. Based on the know-how gained from this experience, Kistler has consistently developed its proprietary DTI technology at its Competence Center in Wetzlar, matching it to the demanding requirements for vehicle dynamics and durability tests. Kistler is the first and only provider to deploy this advanced technology in this segment – to boost efficiency and enhance process reliability.

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