Solutions from Kistler for hydroelectric power plants monitor asset condition and help to prevent cavitation.

Solutions for hydroelectric power plant monitoring

Global installed hydropower capacity now represents around 20 percent of the world’s generated electricity. Like wind power and other renewables, hydroelectric power gained enormous momentum following the oil shortages of the 1970s, and it now accounts for more than the half of worldwide renewable energy generation. Hydroelectric power plant monitoring is thus key to keep up with the growing global energy demand

Prevent cavitation issues and monitor asset condition

Many customers across the globe benefit from Kistler technology to perform critical functions such as pressure pulsation testing – where IEPE pressure sensors are the solution of choice – and to detect cavitation: in this application, accelerometers and dynamic pressure sensors are deployed as well as sensors to measure the acoustic signal generated by the bubble implosion (> 100 kHz). This technology helps to predict and reduce the damaging effects of cavitation in water brakes and pumps, often eliminating the need for extensive corrective maintenance and repairs. Dynamic pressure sensors also play a key part in asset condition monitoring for hydro turbines, helping operators to improve efficiency by counteracting rough load zone (RLZ) and cavitation problems.

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