Trainings: electromobility / 9966B28-KA-ELE

Stationary and rotating cutting dynamometers from Kistler enable high-precision machining and micro-machining applications.


Electromobility is regarded as a central component of a sustainable and climate-friendly transport system based on renewable energies. Handling the technologies used in the manufacture or service of EVs requires special expertise.
Main features / advantages
  • Highvoltage Systems in EV
  • Transition resistance measurements in EV
E-vehicles (EV) have extremely powerful traction batteries and have a high-voltage section and a separate 12-volt battery. One vehicle, two batteries and two voltages - this requires special attention in vehicle maintenance and bolting. It is no longer just a matter of mechanically fastening vehicle components; many screw connections are deliberately designed to carry voltage, have potential, while others must be potential-free. Even conventional work on vehicles with high-voltage systems require professional qualification. Kistler offers trainings courses on this new technology.