Measuring technology for aerospace and aviation testing – Kistler offers tailormade solutions for the most demanding testing scenarios.

Aerospace testing with Kistler

A decision for safe and reliable flights

Space flight is an exceptionally demanding industry for new product development and quality control. Equipment often has to be lightweight, robust and durable because it is subject to challenging environments characterized by broad and extreme temperature ranges, pressure fluctuations, shock and vibration levels. Measurement equipment from Kistler for space testing encompasses space payload environmental testing, force limited vibration testing (FLVT), micro-vibration and jitter testing, thermal vacuum chamber testing, rocket engine testing and more. 

Aviation is a high-tech industry that drives innovation and plays a key part in the economy. Aircrafts such as planes, helicopters or unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV, drone) are highly complex vehicles, fully equipped with electronics that require many years of research and development and must be designed to operate safely for many years. Our portfolio for aviation testing is designed for ground vibration testing (GVT) and flight vibration testing (FVT), wind tunnel testing, aircraft landing gear and brake testing as well as jet engine testing. 

Working in partnership with renowned aerospace centers around the world, our expertise allows us to provide you a proven choice of force, torque, pressure and acceleration measuring chains based on innovative piezoelectric (PE), integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE), strain gauge or piezoresistive technologies. We also offer our professional advice and worldwide services to you.

For decades, Kistler has been a key partner for aerospace development and testing: watch our video to get a glance of our dedicated sensor and measurement technology for aerospace applications.

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