Programmable sequence control for integrated quality assurance

Winterthur, September 30, 2014 – At this year's Motek from October 6-9, 2014 in Stuttgart, Kistler will be presenting the latest innovations to its maXYmos product family, which is used to visualize and evaluate production processes. The highlight at Kistler's stand is the maXYmos BL 2.2 for manual presses, visitors to the exhibition will be able to see live demonstrations. Kistler is also showing a new update to the maXYmos TL as well as its most recent addition to this product series, the maXYmos NC. Quality assurance for manually operated processes The maXYmos BL force-displacement measurement system helps manufacturers attain zero-defect production in their hand-operated press processes. Based on the course of force and displacement measurement curves, the process can be visualized and the quality of the press process evaluated. Deviations are detected immediately and faulty parts can be separated at an early stage. This enables the quality of hand-operated press processes to be reproduced – independently of the respective operating personnel. The result is 100% quality control. Visitors to Motek are especially invited to experience the sequencer mode of the maXYmos BL. This mode enables users to define an individual sequence of steps for each press process via the intuitive user interface of the touch display. 11 digital inputs and 8 corresponding outputs can be programmed in order to query and output processrelevant statuses. Up to 128 sequence elements can be configured for each measurement program. The maXYmos BL progressively checks whether all conditions have been fulfilled. In this manner, not only the production process can be controlled and good and bad end results detected, but it can also be deducted whether the desired quality has been attained in each step of the sequence. This can subsequently be reflected graphically. Ultimately, the required quality is ensured without the need for complex external control systems (PLC). In order to update existing manual presses, the measurement system – including sequencer mode – is also available as a retrofit package. Complete spectrum of force-displacement measurement systems from a single source Alongside the maXYmos BL, Kistler will also be presenting new functions of its top level system in Stuttgart. The maXYmos TL 1.1.4 includes an extensible language package, which now also encompasses Japanese, Portuguese and Czech. In addition, the system offers faster back-up functionalities, for example via USB or with the related maXYmos computer software. New cable solutions have also been developed to allow the connection of torque sensors. "With the maXYmos product family, we have set industrial standards in terms of process optimization and quality assurance," says Jens Höppner, Product Manager at Kistler. "Our customers enjoy working with these systems and do so very successfully. Thanks to the further development of the underlying technologies they now benefit even more from our expertise and do not even have to get used to a new product." The series has been completed with the maXYmos NC, which enables control and monitoring of electro-mechanical joining systems. Now, XY sequences for joining and pressfitting processes in combination with NC joining modules can be evaluated and documented and the quality of each individual production step, component or even the entire product can be controlled. This means that optimum cycle times can be implemented with maximum repeat accuracy. In this way, unplanned downtimes are minimized and machine availability is increased, thus improving the productivity of the manufacturing process. From October 6-9, 2014 visitors to Motek will be shown Kistler's innovative products and be advised as to how the maXYmos series can be used individually in their own companies at stand 5535 in hall 5. Download Press Release (PDF/EN) User contact Jens Höppner
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E-mail: Captions Image 1: The uniform philosophy of the maXYmos product family provides user-friendly and intuitive operation. It supports simple and quick start-up of the electro-mechanical NC joining systems. Figure 2: The Sequencer Mode in the maXYmos BL allows programming of sequence controls, which are used to control the processes. An independent sequence can be created for each measurement program. Figure 3: Force-displacement measurement system with piezoelectric force sensor for manually operated presses.