MEMS capacitive triaxial K-Beam accelerometer, 2 g, titanium housing / 8396A

Triaxial MEMS accelerometers from Kistler are means of choice for vehicle dynamics, durability and tire NVH testing.
  • MEMS capacitive triaxial accelerometer
  • Acceleration ranges: 2, 10, 30, 50, 100, and 200 g
  • Multiple output types
  • Connector or integral cable, titanium housing
Maximum measuring range (g)200 gMaximum temperature (°C)125 °CMinimum frequency, ±5% (Hz)0 HzElectrical isolationGround isolationTechnologyMEMS CapacitiveOutput signal typeVoltage (MEMS)
Number of Axes3Minimum temperature (°C)-55 °CMaximum frequency, ±5% (Hz)3500 HzMounting typeThreaded hole / Stud, Adhesive / Wax, Magnetic baseDC Response/ Low FrequencyYesApplicationsNVH testing
The MEMS capacitive accelerometer is a triaxial accelerometer that comes in a variety of different customizations that can adapt this low frequency accelerometer to a multitude of different environments.