Multicomponent dynamometers, maximum forces up to 60 kN, cover plate 260x260 mm / 9255C

The multicomponent dynamometer is a high-precision measurement system for validating the stiffness of tire models.


These piezoelectric multicomponent dynamometers are for measuring the three orthogonal components Fx, Fy and Fz of a force.
  • Wide measuring range
  • For heavy duty applications
  • Compact design
These dynamometers consist of four three-component force sensors fitted under high preload between a base plate and a top plate. Each sensor contains three pairs of quartz plates, one sensitive to pressure in the z direction and the other two responding to shear in the x and y directions respectively. The force components are measured practically without displacement. The outputs of the four built-in force sensors are connected inside the dynamometer in a way to allow multicomponent measurements of forces and moments to be performed. The eight output signals are available at the 9-conductor flange socket. The four sensors are mounted ground-insulated. Therefore, ground loop problems are largely eliminated. The dynamometers are rustproof and protected against penetration of splash water and cooling agents. Together with the connecting cables of Types 1687B5 or 1689B5 and Types 1677A5 or 1679A5 they correspond to the protection class IP67.
Data sheet
Quartz 3-Component Dynamometer Type 9255C