Precision machining in the 3C industries: good surface finishing is a prerequisite for achieving visually flawless products.

Precision machining in the 3C industries

Solutions from process development to manufacturing

The rising demand for 3C electronic products poses manifold challenges to suppliers in the precision machining industries. This is due to new materials used, as well as to higher requirements for the surface quality put forward by manufacturers. An aggravating challenge is that the development of stable manufacturing processes and tool designs is difficult due to the complexity of the machining process compared to other manufacturing processes. One of the reasons for this is that in mass production, tool wear is a key factor for the quality and cost of the goods produced.

Kistler provides measurement systems and know-how to help optimize precision machining processes in the 3C industries.

Reliable machining is a prerequisite for achieving functionally and visually flawless products. But large-scale precision machining of thin-walled, lightweight components – such as housings for smartphones and tablets etc., scratch-resistant display glass used for high-quality touch screens, glass backplates, phone backboards etc. – is becoming more and more critical in the 3C electronics industries:

  • More frequent use of hard and brittle materials
  • The wall thicknesses specified by the product design are becoming thinner, resulting in frequent cracking, chipping and breakage 
  • Different machining strategies open up opportunities to optimize the design of machining processes and make them more efficient
  • For many innovative and difficult-to-machine materials that are used in the 3C  industries, there is a lack of experience and this must first be built up
  • Costs are rising due to increasing tool wear
  • Cost pressures in the supplier industry

Achieving valid results in the development of new machining processes in 3C electronics industries. Run automated and unmanned large-scale zero-defect production by securing utmost process reliability and long tool life.

Every application is different. This is why you need an expert to support your goals. To achieve the ideal precision machining process and zero-defect production, many parameters must be considered – from process development through to series production. Our application solutions enable you to run automated trials.

Development of precision machining processes in the 3C electronics industries

Piezoelectric dynamometers measure the cutting forces during ongoing precision machining. The insights gained are used to perfectly match the part materials, cutting tools, machining strategies and processes, by:

  • Optimizing parameters
  • Developing and assessing tools to improve tool life
  • Optimizing performance by establishing stable processes
  • Evaluating machinability of new materials

Very little material is removed during the final finishing process, which is responsible for the surface. Making the resulting very small forces measurable demands the highest standards of resolution and sensitivity from the measurement technology. Currently, only piezoelectric dynamometers from Kistler can deliver such a high resolution.

As an experienced industry partner, we support you in the 3C electronics industries in evaluating, developing, and optimizing machining processes such as milling, grinding, cutting etc. and guide you to towards high precision results.

Advantages – benefit from the outstanding application value of our measurement technology, decades of expertise in precision machining and a wide product portfolio

Cut costs

Reduce costs

  • Automated trials 
  • Reduced tool wear/longer tool life
  • Reliable machining based on measurement data 
  • Low cost of manufacture
  • Shorter delivery time
Guarantee and increase quality

Improve and guarantee quality

  • Real-time monitoring and control of machine and process during production
  • Automated documentation
  • Higher-quality workpieces
Maximize efficiency

Maximize efficiency

  • Cutting-edge measurement technology in terms of resolution and sensitivity
  • Optimize parameters in process development
  • Establish stable processes
  • High reproducibility
Optimize resources

Optimize resources

  • Reduced scrap and energy
  • Reduce tool wear and material
  • Increase OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency)

Want to optimize your precision machining performance in the 3C industry?

Place your trust in measurement technology with unsurpassed sensitivity and resolution!