Benchtop device for torque wrench testing and calibration / caliTEST-B

Calibration device caliTEST-B for calibrating torque wrenches.
  • Calibration according to DIN EN ISO 6789:2017
  • Tool based MCT according to VDI/VDE 2645-2
  • CEUS software platform
  • Changeable torque reference sensors
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On request
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Operation and installation
Torque tool testing and calibration

The calibration device consists of a base unit with the mounting fixture for torque wrenches, a drive unit with changeable torque reference sensors and an electronic measurement and control system. The torque wrenches to be calibrated are mounted horizontally and coupled to the drive via exchangeable square adapters. A freely adjustable wrench support enables the torque wrench to be accommodated in a standard manner. The maximum possible wrench length varies depending on the configuration of the calibration device.

Data sheet
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