Miniature IEPE triaxial PiezoStar accelerometers, 250 … 2000 g / 8766A

Kistler offers triaxial miniature accelerometers for high-precision NVH testing in combustion engines and powertrains.


Family Type 8766A are miniature accelerometers (250 … 2000 g) which measure simultaneous shock and vibration in three orthogonal axes.
Main features / advantages
  • With PiezoStar element for very low temperature sensitivity
  • Miniature, low mass
  • Mini and standard, 4-pin connector options
  • ±250, 500, 1000, and 2000 g measuring ranges
  • High temperature option (+165°C [+330°F])
  • Water-resistant IP68 (up to 16 bars) option available

Family Type 8766A are IEPE triaxial accelerometers designed for high temperature applications. These accelerometers feature Kistler’s PiezoStar shear element design, which provides a wide operating frequency range and extremely low sensitivity to temperature changes. The IEPE sensor combines PiezoStar crystals and high gain integral hybrid microelectronics to achieve very low sensitivity variation over the operating temperature range, compared to other sensing element designs. The Kistler shear element technology also ensures high immunity to base strain errors. These accelerometers have welded titanium construction for low mass and industry standard 4-pin connectors, as well as mini 4-pin connectors for lower mass and wider frequency operation. An integral silicone cable variant is available for application of underwater vibration testing at up to 16 bar (232 psi). All variations provide reliable measurements and long-term stability, especially at higher operating temperatures.

Data sheet
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PiezoStar Shear Triaxial IEPE
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