Biofidelic crash test dummies with the fracture characteristics of real bones or shatterproof bones / CTS

The Biofidelic crash test dummy with human bone structure from CTS and Kistler allows for reproducible crash tests results.


For precise reconstruction of motion sequences, damages or injuries and different collision types Biofidelic test subjects as identical test specimens pave the way for reproducible test results.
Main features / advantages
  • Validation attempts e.g. autonomous driving
  • Accident reconstruction (occupant tests, pedestrian tests, etc.)
  • Detonation tests or mine tests (e.g. STANAG 4569)
  • Artificial test body true to nature with skeleton and soft tissues
  • Airbag systems and test
  • Life cycle tests and vibration tests, human vibration
In the case of a precise reconstruction of motion sequences, damages or injuries, the Biofidelic crash test dummy should be used in the future. These Biofidelic crash test dummies are constantly being developed in cooperation with the HTW Dresden under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Lars Hannawald and Dr. Michael Weyde and are produced according to the latest state of the art technology in a specially designed dummy manufacture at CTS. The special characteristics of the Biofidelic dummy, in particular the comparability with the real human being, are a result of the special construction method. All materials used conform in their physical characteristics optimally with that of the “components of the real human being”. Thus, for example, bone density and bone structures resemble in detail those of the human skeleton. Due to the similar body density construction to that of the real human being, collision related damages can be caused, for example, on vehicles much more realistically than previously possible with dummies made of steel or plastics. Furthermore, physicians can now directly relate the real injuries of accident parties involved to those of the damages of the Biofidelic dummy used.