Control 2024: Kistler presents new solutions for process and quality control

At Control 2024 (Messe Stuttgart, April 23-26), Kistler will be showcasing new, adaptable solutions at booth 8106 in Hall 8. They include quality inspection at high cycle times, automated assembly and testing and calibrating torque tools.

The sorting machines of the Kistler KVC 821 series are ideal for 360° inspection and 3D measurements of small bulk material.
With the new multicapture device, the KVC 821 optical quality inspection system from Kistler detects the smallest defects on the surface of the test parts, even at high cycle times.

New multicapture device for fast optical inspection of lateral surfaces

The KVC 821 optical quality inspection system captures entire lateral surfaces of test parts in high resolution, thanks to the new multicapture device, which features eight mirrors arranged in a circle. This means that parts no longer have to be mechanically rotated, and defects such as scratches or dents can be precisely detected in a single pass. This way, the camera station enables cycle times of up to 400 parts per minute. The KiVision image processing software uses AI-supported algorithms to detect previously unknown anomalies.

Custom-automated inspection and assembly processes with the Smart Single Station

Kistler shows how quality control and assembly can be individually tailored to the component, the production process and manufacturer’s inspection requirements with the Smart Single Station. The Smart Single Station allows different levels of automation with options for manual or automated part handling. Kistler experts also advise on suitable optical and mechanical testing methods when creating the concept. The entire Kistler sensor and electronics portfolio is available for this purpose.  

Fastening technology: standard-compliant inspection and calibration made easy

At Control 2024, Kistler will also present the cerTEST inspection system. It enables mobile, standard-compliant testing of torque tools such as cordless, rotary, and impulse tools at a range from 0.2 to 500 N·m in accordance with VDI/VDE 2645 Sheet 2, VDI/VDE 2647 or DIN EN ISO 5393.

The calibration device caliTEST-B is developed to calibrate torque wrenches or tools directly on-site. The station calibrates tools with an effective length of up to 1320 mm in accordance with DIN EN ISO 6789 in a range of 0.2 to 1,000 N·m directly in the production line.

In both applications, the CEUS software guides the user step by step through the measurements and automatically generates the relevant test reports.

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