A must for piezoelectric sensors and charge amplifiers: highly insulating cables from Kistler.

Unlike conventional coaxial cables, the innermost core of a high-insulation cable is insulated with PTFE. This allows the drift effect to be reduced to a minimum. A special graphite coating also minimizes the triboelectric effect. Numerous versions are available for the outer insulation, each with different properties.

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Frequently asked questions

What types of cables are available in the Kistler product category?
Kistler offers a wide range of cables, including highly insulating as well as low outgassing cables.
What are the benefits of using highly insulating cables from Kistler?
Highly insulating cables from Kistler provide reliable and accurate data transmission, even in harsh environments. They are also durable and resistant to interference.
How does Kistler ensure proper installation of their measuring cables?
Kistler offers a comprehensive installation service, including on-site support and customized solutions for different applications. Our experts ensure optimal performance and accuracy.