High-end process monitoring system maXYmos TL, configurable in measuring range and licenses / 5877B Config

High-end process monitoring system maXYmos TL, configurable in measuring range and licenses
5877B Config
  • Configurable article of the maXYmos process monitoring system
  • Measuring range standard 100-1M pC or small ~0-10'000 pC
  • Extensive range of functions, extended via licenses for operation and connectivity
  • Optionally FDA and MDR compliant
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maXYmos TL stands for top-level process evaluation of X-Y signals in industrial production, test systems and other manufacturing applications.

This configuration material allows you to order a maXYmos TL hardware variant including factory-installed licenses.

Hardware options:
- 5877B0 maXYmos TL, standard version 100...1'000'000pC
- 5877B2 maXYmos TL ML, medical technology ~0...10'000pC, according to FDA and MDR.
- 5877B3 maXYmos TL L, standard version ~0...10'000pC

Software options:
- Connections and Security: extended user management incl. LDAPS, flexible user groups, Network Printer
- Multipoint Calibration: linearize Sensor signals
- IIoT Connectivity: secured Data Access and Events via OPC-UA
- Audit Trail: continuous logging and reasoning of changes

Details on the software licenses can be found in the product documentation.

The maXYmos TL ML process monitoring system records, analyzes and evaluates X-Y curves of two related measured variables. The system makes it possible to reliably and independently control and document the quality of a single production step of an assembly or the entire product. This provides production and process managers with the statistical evidence they need to increase quality and OEE.

maXYmos can be fully integrated into a plant control system via industrial Ethernet or fieldbus, but also via OPC UA.
With the optionally available display, maXYmos can be operated as an independent system to instrument individual workstations. Alternatively, it can be operated remotely via VNC, encrypted browser access or just switching signals.
Quality data can be stored on a server via a production network or retrieved via USB stick for isolated operated instruments.

The photos and illustrations show the product partly with accessories, as well as in the application context.
Certain features must be purchased with a license and may require updated firmware. Please refer to the data sheet for order scope. If you have any questions about ordering and order scope, please contact your local Kistler Instrumente AG representative.

Aplicação de software
maXYmos TL Fieldbus Description Files (Firmware v1.5.58+)
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MaXYmosUpdateTool 1.7.10TL-NC
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Software for maXYmos TL V1.7.20
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Software for maXYmos TL V1.8.12
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maXYmos TL
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