High temperature absolute pressure sensor, M5 x 0,5 (max 250 bar) / 4007D

High temperature absolute pressure sensor, M5 x 0,5 (max 250 bar)
  • Universal miniature absolute pressure sensor for operating temperatures up to 200°C
  • Improved media compatibility
  • Compact size (M5) and low mass
  • High natural frequency and low acceleration sensitivity
Compensated temperature range25 … 180 °CMinimal operating temperature-40 °CNatural frequency100 kHzMounting size5 mmOutput signal typeVoltage or Current (Piezoresistive, PR)
Maximum measuring range250 barMaximal operating temperature200 °CCertificationIP67 (waterproof)Linearity≤±0.2 %FSO / ≤±0.3 (p≥100 bar) %FSOApplicationsCombustion measurement analysis
The piezoresistive pressure sensor 4007D is part of a small, rugged high accuracy sensor family capable of continuous high temperature operation up to 200°C. The pressure transducers use a fully active Wheatstone bridge to generate an electrical signal, which is proportional to the applied pressure. The resistors making up the Wheatstone bridge are implanted into a micromachined silicon diaphragm which is formed using Silicon on Insulator (SOI) technology. This approach, coupled with Kistler's DCE method of sensor construction, allows the sensors to be exposed to media temperatures up to 200°C while minimizing hysteresis and repeatability errors. Further performance improvements are made using digital compensation techniques whereby, the effects of zero offset and sensitivity changes due to temperature can be reduced without sacrificing signal bandwidth. The digital compensation technique further allows a monitoring of the sensor temperature (e.g. with amplifiers of Type 4665B and 4624A).
Data sheet
Instruction Manual: Piezoresistive pressure sensors
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