WLAN and DTI integration: the most reliable combination for data transmission

Winterthur, July 2017 – Outstanding performance and absolutely straightforward installation: these are the key benefits of Kistler’s new system for reliable and robust wheel torque measurements. The new RoaDyn P109 car wheel torque transducer delivers precise measurement results even under high load demands. Onboard test setup is now even easier and more user friendly thanks to KiRoad Wireless P1 WLAN data transmission combined with DTI technology.

Reliable wheel force measurement technology is a key factor in vehicle testing nowadays. From the electronics to the sensor, cutting-edge technology is essential across the entire measuring chain – a crucial factor for all players in the automotive industry. That’s why Kistler set three priorities throughout the development work for this new measuring system: user-friendliness, operability and maximum accuracy.

KiRoad Wireless P1 on-board electronics and RoaDyn® P109 wheel torque transducer
KiRoad Wireless P1 on-board electronics and RoaDyn® P109 wheel torque transducer

Car wheel force transducer for high load demands

The centerpiece of every Kistler measuring system is the high-precision sensor. The new RoaDyn P109 wheel torque transducer was designed specifically for measurements involving very high loads. Development work focused on load requirements set by a wide range of vehicles, including modern crossovers, roomy SUVs and high-performance cars. The RoaDyn P109 relies on unique piezo technology to deliver extremely precise measurements of very small torques in vehicle dynamics and handling tests or powertrain analyses, even under high dynamic loads. The piezo-electric sensors used show no signs of wear, have a nearly constant sensitivity over a broad temperature range and have very high stiffness. Thanks to the piezo sensors, users can choose from two independent measuring ranges – with full resolution in each.

Reliable wireless data transmission

The innovative KiRoad Wireless P1 data transmission system features synchronous data transmission via WLAN. Each KiRoad Wireless system builds its own encrypted WLAN network so that parallel tests can be conducted with multiple systems at the same time.

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