Traffic monitoring system

What is a traffic monitoring system?

A traffic monitoring system automatically and continuously monitors vehicles in moving traffic. Sensors that are installed in or near the road are used to record, aggregate, evaluate and visualize a wide variety of parameters from vehicles, infrastructure and the environment.

    구조적 상태 모니터링은 중요한 교량 구조물의 조기 발견을 위한 핵심입니다. 이러한 중요한 기능은 스트레인 게이지 센서, 가속도계 및 키슬러의 다양한 첨단 측정 기술을 통해 지원됩니다.

    Depending on the area of application, data visualization can take place at various aggregation levels (from real-time visualizations of all the collected information all the way to specific messages and warnings in the event of safety-relevant deviations and/or violations).

    What are traffic monitoring systems used for?

    Traffic monitoring systems are used to assist the police and transportation authorities with preventive and regulatory activities to increase road safety. 

    • Emergency response as part of police duties
    • Pursuing misdemeanors and criminal offenses (e.g. overweight vehicles or speeding)
    • Monitoring of the traffic flow, for example to prevent traffic jams or detect them early on

    Where are traffic monitoring systems used?

    • At key intersections
    • Before or in infrastructure objects (bridges, tunnels, etc.)
    • At truck and commercial vehicle inspection centers
    • At rest stops, highway on-ramps, underpasses, etc.

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