Non-contact optical sensor Correvit L-Motion DTI, standard / 5335A

Non-contact optical sensor Correvit L-Motion DTI, standard
  • Optical sensor working range: 350 ±100 mm, applicable: 0.1 ... 250 km/h (optional up to 400 km/h)
  • Excellent distance measurement accuracy: ±0.1%
  • Signal output: analog, TTL, CAN and DTI
  • Small ECU
요청 시
요청 시
Certificates and Standards
Degree of protection EN 60529
Operation and installation
Tire testing, Vehicle durability testing, Vehicle dynamics testing
Correvit L-Motion sensors use the proven Correvit technology for non-contact speed measurement. They produce excellent accuracy on all standard testing surfaces - wet or dry. L-Motion sensors adapt automatically to smooth, static water-covered surfaces, as well as to areas of moving or turbulent water, or sprayed surfaces. A new algorithm significantly reduces the signal noise. This algorithm and the high measurement frequency of 500 Hz enable a minimal signal delay of 6 ms. A built-in 5 Hz GPS receiver enables determination of position data and time. The external magnetic antenna allows flexible and quick mounting on the vehicle. L-Motion sensors feature high-quality optical elements, the newest optoelectronic components and state-of-the-art high-performance signal processing based on DSP and FPGA‘s. Speed and distance information is updated at 500 Hz to track every highly dynamic maneuver. The delivered KiCenter software allows easy configuration. Programmable, standardized signal outputs and interfaces provide direct connection to PC and virtually all data acquisition systems, making all measured values directly available. In combination with the DTI-Logger and the KiCenter software, L-Motion sensors enable very easy measurement of braking distances.
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Correvit L-Motion: 1-axis optical sensors
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