NPE 2024: Kistler Presents Digital Solutions for Injection Molding Monitoring

ORLANDO, FLA., May 06-10, 2024 — Kistler, the global leader in dynamic measurement technology, is shining a spotlight on its new AkvisIO IME (Injection Molding Edition) at NPE 2024, and will feature product demos of an array of cutting-edge measurement technologies for plastics injection molding and semiconductor manufacturing at its NPE booth, #W3321, West Building Level 2, Expo Hall.

Kistler’s new AkvisIO IME features advanced sensor technology to enable the development of smaller, more precise medical devices and tools that enable healthcare practitioners to detect diseases earlier, improve patient monitoring and enhances minimally invasive surgical techniques. The AkvisIO IME contributes to the production of these types of sensitive medical instruments with zero defects by:

  • Automatically visualizes and analyzes data from machines and process monitoring systems, like Kistler’s ComoNeo and ComoScout 
  • Providing cross-device and cross-machine synchronization of quality data; simplifies creating customized quality assurance reports
  • Facilitating in-depth injection molding monitoring, data management
  • Providing process optimization in highly demanding applications, i.e., production of medical devices and equipment
  • Ease of setting up and configuring connected injection molding machines
  • Continuously saving data from each cycle, which facilitates comparison and analysis across cycles, giving users a single source of truth (SSOT)
New data analysis software AkvisIO IME for digitally optimized injection molding
The new AkvisIO IME (Injection Molding Edition) data analysis software offers a variety of new features and functions for the digital optimization of injection molding.

Ensuring process and product quality

Also, on display at Kistler’s booth will be key measurement technologies for quality assurance and production process monitoring that revolutionize medical device manufacturing, fuel semiconductor industry growth and empower new energy vehicle production, as well as Kistler engineers to discuss these practical dynamic measurement technologies for busy production environments.

  • The KVC 621 automatic optical testing system uses state-of-the-art vision measurement technology to collect exact data on dimensions and surface characteristics of a diverse range of test parts for 100% quality control for industries such as stamping, screwdriving and medical technology. At NPE, a KVC 621SE for the quality inspection of an over-molded stamping part for e-mobility applications will be on display.
  • The 5073B measuring amplifier for industrial production features a wide measuring range starting as low as 20 picocoulombs. This charge amplifier processes multiple sensor signals, yielding precise data acquisition that can be individually configured. It also monitors threshold values and tracks peak values during production to ensure stable product and process quality and enable operators to identify early-stage warnings of overloading plant components.
  • The small SlimLine 9132CD piezoelectric ring force transducer takes the challenge out of measuring dynamic forces in cramped production environments. It comes with a sealed housing, making it especially suitable for measuring very small tensile and compression forces in industrial applications. 
  • Handheld Charge Amplifier 5811A is a mobile measuring instrument with integrated data acquisition that can be used for monitoring transmitters, e.g., Kistler IO-Link devices or any piezoelectric sensor with +/- V analog output. With its integrated touchscreen, it records the measured values and visualizes the measurement curve, enabling users to compare and verify the data from various sensors in situ without dismantling them, saving time and resources.
  • STASA QC 2820B is Kistler’s software developed to optimize parameters for injection molding machine processes by optimizing their settings to achieve the best results in quality, manufacturing time and process stability. STASA QC automatically determines the relationship between process parameters and quality characteristics, resulting in optimum machine settings that guarantee the highest level of quality and achieve the most stable processes for injection molding.
  • Miniature sensor 4004A and ComoScout 5889A The 4004A withstands extreme temperatures of up to +350°C and can be calibrated for two pressure ranges – either up to 2,500 bar for injection molding or up to 1,000 bar for additive manufacturing while the ComoScout automatically integrates and analyzes data streams from machine and process monitoring systems, presenting the information in visual formats.
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