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Kistler USA

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Kistler’s Buffalo site has deep roots in the US state of New York, dating back to its foundation  there in 1955. Today, our Buffalo facility serves as the hub for Kistler’s US production and engineering operations. This is where we develop new products such as acceleration and acoustic emission sensors for delivery to every corner of the globe. As catalysts for innovation in the United States, our Buffalo team of engineers, technicians and supply chain experts play a pivotal role in helping Kistler’s worldwide customers to achieve sustainable  success.

Get to know your colleagues in the US

Michael Helwig, Sales Engineer Fastening Technology

“Fortunately for me, I work often with Product solutions for customer project opportunities.  These solutions inherently need a solid team approach from Kistler.  I enjoy the collaboration, learning, and experience that I share with my direct colleagues on our OE4 team.  It is the best feeling to make customers happy by providing our quality Kistler solutions.”

Michael Helwig, Sales Engineer Fastening Technology at Kistler Novi


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  • Comprehensive total compensation package including competitive salary and incentive plans
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Health Benefits

  • Robust medical, dental, vision and ancillary insurance plans
  • Wellness initiatives
  • Commitment to work safety
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Work-life balance

  • Generous paid time off
  • Opportunity for hybrid work schedule
  • Leave of absence opportunities 
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Loyalty & Recognition

  • Employee referral bonuses
  • Recognition program
  • Special achievement bonuses
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Kistler Cornerstones

  • Our global cornerstones define who Kistler is and what we believe in
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Development & Further Education

  • Comprehensive onboarding and mentoring
  • Opportunity for company-paid training or education
  • Personalized internal and external training
  • Commitment to internal advancement

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