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Kistler Switzerland

Welcome to our headquarters in Winterthur. A steadily growing innovation hub with excellent career opportunities.Browse job openings

The Kistler Group, a global leader in dynamic measurement technology, has its headquarters in the cultural city of Winterthur. Here, since 1959, we have been developing and producing piezoelectric sensors and measurement systems in alignment with current megatrends such as emission reduction, mobility, or Industry 4.0.

Approximately 780 employees from 34 nations call Winterthur home. As the entire value chain is represented here, specialists from various fields come together, collaborating with future-oriented solutions - Innovators work with Kistler!

In our international yet familiar work environment, we strongly emphasize entrepreneurship, individual development, and continuity. For instance, over half of our employees have been with us for five to ten years or more.

Get to know your colleagues in Winterthur

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“Kistler is often right there at the forefront any time something entirely new is developed and tested in the aerospace sector. That’s something that never fails to fill me with enthusiasm.”

Martin Stierli, Business Development Manager Aviation at Kistler Winterthur


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  • 12 or 13 monthly wages with profit sharing
  • Shift allowances for shift employees
  • Generous pension fund benefits
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  • Premium accident insurance and sickness benefits 
  • Worldwide accident and hospital costs coverage in private departments
  • Full salary continuation for up to 730 days in case of illness or accident
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Career and family

  • 100% paid parental leave
  • CHF 20 each month in addition to the statutory child allowance per child
  • Flexible working time models
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Loyalty and incentives

  • Anniversary gifts
  • Employee referral bonuses
  • Bonuses for special achievements
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Working time and vacation

  • 40 hours/week plus 2 days of remote work (work from home)
  • Minimum of 25 days of vacation and additional days off between weekends and public holidays, depending on the year
  • Additional unpaid vacation days possible
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Continuing education

  • Welcome Day, onboarding mentors, individual initial training
  • Attractive internal/external training opportunities
  • E-learning option via LinkedIn Learning
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  • Discounted lunch, free coffee and tea
  • Low-cost employee parking
  • Discounts with car rental companies
  • Discounts on new car purchases
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Sport and leisure

  • Company-owned vacation home on Lake Constance
  • Employee parties and sporting events
  • Free passes for sports and leisure facilities
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And much more…

  • Passion for technology and innovation
  • Success through teamwork with a global mindset
  • Open corporate culture

Ready to change your perspective?

Apply today and shape the world of tomorrow together with us.

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