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Kistler Germany

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Sindelfingen is Kistler’s largest site in Germany. This plant features a modern working environment where 250 employees perform diverse roles ranging from production, sales and service to development and support functions. Tasks undertaken at Sindelfingen include assembly of wheel force transducers, manufacturing of sensors and speed enforcement systems, electronics production, in-house and field service for customers as well as product development and sales in areas such as traffic solutions and vehicle testing.

To find more information about  life in Sindelfingen, click this link:  https://www.sindelfingen.de/start.html

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“The products that I work with every day contribute to saving lives. It’s incredibly motivating to deliver such an important share to people and society.”

Marko Martic, Product Manager for Active and Passive Safety at Kistler Sindelfingen


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  • Transparent and equitable salary system, variable salary components for specific jobs
  • Subsidy for capital-forming benefits
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  • Optimal work environment with ergonomic workstations and a focus on sustainability and safety
  • Wellness initiatives, e.g. Health Day, participation in sporting events
  • Accident insurance
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Work-life balance

  • Tailored working time models
  • Flexible working hours
  • Paid time off for special occasions
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  • Anniversary bonuses
  • Employee referral bonuses
  • Individual performance bonuses
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Working time and vacation

  • Option to work from home and flexitime
  • 30 days of paid vacation
  • Company-owned vacation home on Lake Constance
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Further education

  • Sponsor model
  • Personalized internal and external training
  • E-Learning-Option via LinkedIn Learning
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Working environment

  • Subsidized meals and snacks in a modern cafeteria
  • Complimentary fruit and coffee
  • Free parking for employees
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Sport and leisure

  • Corporate benefits program
  • Vibrant company events and parties
  • Company bicycle leasing program
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And much more…

  • Passion for technology and innovation
  • Success through teamwork with a global mindset
  • Open corporate culture

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