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Welcome to our thriving location in Shanghai – one of several locations in China with great career opportunities.Browse job openings
Step into the heart of teamwork as employees are in discussion. The image encapsulates the energy of active collaboration, showcasing the team´s dedication to addressing issues.

Located in Shanghai's bustling Hongqiao CBD, our main site in China stands as a beacon of innovation, seamlessly operating as a hub for cutting-edge technology, production, and sales. Here, we’re proud to provide local customers in industries such as automotive, aerospace, semiconductor or medical with state-of-the-art technical solutions powered by a team of highly skilled specialists. China has become one of Kistler’s most important growth markets and today hosts around 190 dedicated innovators across various locations. 

Our workplace culture thrives on a blend of loyalty and expertise, reflected in our team's long tenure – on average, our colleagues have been with us for six years or more, with one in three holding a master's or doctorate degree. 

Get to know your colleagues in China

An experienced professional in the area of product management in his daily working environment.

“Since joining Kistler, I've discovered purpose and passion in my work through technological innovation. This enables me to develop competitive products, which, in turn, assist customers in achieving their goals.”

Zhen Zhang, Product Manager at Kistler Shanghai


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  • Transparent and equitable salary system
  • Competitive pension scheme
  • Comprehensive sick pay and support
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  • Optimal work environment
  • Wellness initiatives
  • Supplementary medical insurance
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Work-life balance

  • Flexible working hours
  • Parental leave 
  • Annual leave
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  • Special achievement bonuses
  • Employee referral bonuses
  • Anniversary gift
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Continuing education

  • Comprehensive onboarding and mentoring
  • Personalized internal and external training
  • Local e-learning platform
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Additional workplace benefits

  • Meal allowance 
  • Appetizing lunch
  • Complimentary coffee
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Sport and leisure

  • Indoor table tennis 
  • Weekly sports activities
  • Annual party
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Gifts and events

  • Birthday gift
  • Holiday gift
  • Team building
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And much more…

  • Passion for technology and innovation
  • Success through teamwork with a global mindset
  • Open corporate culture

Ready to change your perspective?

Apply today and shape the world of tomorrow together with us. 

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