Driving vehicle development ahead with jBEAM Durability and jBEAM Powertrain

Winterthur, February 2022 – The development processes of the future will be driven by data – especially in the automotive industry. Kistler already offers its customers software at various levels to extract the maximum benefit from measurement data, on test stands as well as in over-the-road testing. Special editions of jBEAM ensure efficiency and continuity in development work.

High-performance application-specific measurement technology from sensor to cloud: that's Kistler's vision for the 21st century – and we are broadening that vision as time goes on. Most of today's measuring chains are based on sensors. As digitalization advances, however, the emphasis will gradually shift towards software. Of course, there will always be a need for sensors and measuring instruments. But the focus will be on the availability of measurement data as well as other data relating to system conditions, calibration, configuration and the like. Visualization and evaluation will be top priorities, along with Big Test Data and data mining – automated, overarching analysis of vast amounts of data over lengthy periods.

Measurement values generate added value! jBEAM Durability and jBEAM Powertrain support vehicle developers.
Measurement values generate added value! jBEAM Durability and jBEAM Powertrain, the special editions of the jBEAM analysis tool by Kistler, make life easier for vehicle development engineers.

Modular structure, open design and scope for extension

A modular software concept designed for maximum combinability: this is Kistler's formula for ensuring that customers get exactly the right solution for their applications, their processes and their specific infrastructure. Experienced software engineers provide support with implementing domain- and industry-specific packages and program functions. With open interface-oriented software architecture, users can combine routines for specific devices, industries and applications to achieve high performance: valid data is always available for comprehensive evaluation thanks to continuous, systematic processing and management.

Evaluate measurement data – with no limits

The “beating heart” of our solution to evaluate test data from development processes: jBEAM from Kistler. This platform-independent application processes many different data formats. It comes equipped with numerous visualization and evaluation options, and it automates process steps and report generation. Clearly defined interfaces make it easy to embed jBEAM into existing software landscapes. Evaluation methods can be configured flexibly to ensure that individual test runs are evaluated with maximum efficiency. Kistler offers special editions of jBEAM for specific application areas – so users can be sure they get exactly the software functions they need for their work.

jBEAM Durability: tailor-made for durability testing

Durability is a highly specialized area of vehicle development – and the functions in the Durability edition of jBEAM are tailored in detail to match the specific needs in this field. Trialing and release of components and systems to ensure they meet durability requirements calls for reliable, efficient analysis and evaluation of the relevant load data. jBEAM Durability includes modules such as Damage Accumulation, Collective View, Extended Rainflow Analysis as well as Spike Detection and Correction. In short: a vast range of instruments that give development engineers the benefits of successful and efficient processes – on the test stand, in over-the-road testing, and also in dealings with regulatory bodies.

jBEAM Powertrain: in-depth powertrain analysis

Designed for vehicle manufacturers and automotive suppliers, the jBEAM Powertrain software solution is the key to comprehensive data analysis aimed at optimizing powertrains – whether conventional, hybrid or all-electric. The full potential of jBEAM Powertrain really comes into play when it is used in combination with KiBox2, the new powertrain analysis system from Kistler. Coordinated hardware and software plus specific functions and algorithms for drive calculations make life easier for development engineers. Highlights also include intuitive operation and a host of automation functions. Last but certainly not least, the Kistler team of measurement technology and software experts are always on hand to offer practical advice in as much detail as you need.

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