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Kistler 소프트웨어 testXpert는 표준을 준수하고 문서화된 볼트 체결부 테스트를 위해 특별히 설계되었습니다.


This freely configurable Windows software from Kistler carries out all the tasks required before, during and after the prescribed procedure for standard-compliant and documented bolted joints testing.
Main features / advantages
  • Tests are compliant with all known standards for bolted joints
  • Test sequences and procedures are specified on the basis of the block structure
  • Data is conveniently organized and documented
  • Extensive graphic analysis of measurement profiles
  • Varied options for inspection reports and layouts
The testXpert software is a reliable platform with simple, intuitive operation and complex functionalities covering the complete range of testing for bolted joints. Thanks to the block-based structure of the test sequences, users can freely define the sequences they require according to their own specifications and requirements, either to meet specific customer requirements or to comply with standards. Each individual block can be freely configured as regards starting value, switch-off value and specified speed. It is even possible to select multiple switch-off values, for integrating safety functions, for example. If the integrated repeat meter is used, this means that multiple tightening operations can be implemented and the test can be cancelled when a safety value is exceeded. The software is not tied to predetermined test program structures. An input wizard makes it easy to select and enter all the key data required for testing. These include the test sequence, thread data, calculation formulas specified by various standards for coefficients of friction and bearing surface diameters, sensors to be used, descriptive parameters and results. For this purpose, the sensor and thread data is stored in a global database system with traceable documentation. Based on the test sequence, the operator can view a tabular display of multiple results from the measurement data memory for each block, and the results can then be evaluated statistically. For complex evaluations such as those required for certain standards, the software provides predefined results. Another possibility is to set up freely programmable results according to your own preferences. During and after the test, the measurement curves are shown in freely configurable graphs. As an additional option for advanced evaluations, a video can be recorded and stored during the fastening process. Later on, it can be evaluated with the rest of the data. In order to generate test reports, all the results, tables, graphics and user-defined parameters can be integrated into any test report form specified by the customer, with the help of a wizard. This data can be output as a test report (via the integrated export interface, for example) or automatically transferred to higher-level software platforms.
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