Voltage interface modules for KiBox2 (VAQ) / 5270B

Highspeed universal voltage interface


Highspeed universal voltage interface
주요 특징 / 장점
  • 1-channel
  • Galvanically isolated
  • Signal conditioning and analog-digital conversion
  • 800kHz
KiBox2 allows measurement and analysis of power flows within standard (ICE only) and complex powertrains (MHEV, PHEV, BEV) in the future. Data is recorded and stored via the comprehensive array of input interfaces that the system provides, both analogue and digital. The data is fully time aligned with the possibility of applying subsequent standard or user-defined calculators, in real time, for “on-the-fly” analysis. The data can then be stored, viewed, and analyzed within the KiBox2 Cockpit software. For further processing using industry standard, offline analysis tools, a comprehensive number of industry standard file export formats are available. In addition, the system can be interfaced to a host (typically a test bed automation system or control system application tool) Allowing data communication during measurement run-time for synchronization of KiBox2 data with other devices and/or the host. The KiBox2 tool interfaces deploy industry standard protocols and support remote control (as well as data transfer) when this is available on the host system. The system supports wireless connectivity to allow equipment usage without needing interconnecting cabling to the host PC. In addition, full GPS location capability allows the user to integrate position-based tracking data during on-the-road testing.
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