Trainings: high speed dynamics / 9966B28-KA-HIG

Piezoelectric measurement technology from Kistler enables precise measurements in high speed dynamics applications.


A wide range of methods is technically available for recording short-time processes, enabling the measurement and visualization of processes occurring in the time range from milliseconds to nanoseconds, at high pressures and at extremely high strain rates. Kistler offers solutions and provides trainings in the knowledge required for correct and practical application of the technology.
주요 특징 / 장점
  • high dynamic pressure, force and acceleration measurements
Anyone who works with highly dynamic pressure, force and acceleration measurements must have comprehensive knowledge of sensor systems. In this product and application trainings from Kistler, participants will learn how to properly select and install sensor systems. In numerous practical examples and exercises, they will learn the proper way to work with sensors and how to correctly install, clean, and protect them.