High pressure sensors, M12 front-sealing, for high speed events up to 2000 bar (29000 psi), with selectable connector / 6217A

The piezoelectric high-pressure sensors 6217A are designed for precise high-pressure measurements at high speeds.


These piezoelectric pressure sensors are used for measurements of high pressures at high speeds. The design is ideally suited for robust and precise high pressure measurements with large thermal transients.
주요 특징 / 장점
  • Measurement range: 2'000 bar (29'000 psi)
  • Excellent linearity (≤0.5%)
  • Front sealing for minimal dead volume
  • Selectable output connector (KIAG 10-32, BNC or TNC)
  • High sensitivity (13 pC/bar)
The sensors of family Type 6217A are precise high pressure sensors with excellent linearity and lifetime. The front sealing construction minimizes the dead volume, allowing high frequency measurements, and low thermal and mechanical stressing of the sensing element. Due to the high sensitivity and excellent linearity, the sensor is well suited for mesurements in partial ranges. The output connector may be selected as needed (KIAG 10-32, BNC or TNC), further increasing the flexibility. The quartz sensing element results in high stability and good resilience against pyroelectric effects. Furthermore, an identical sealing ring is used for all high pressure sensors (Type 6213, 6215 and 6217), minimizing the number of components required.
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Instruction manual: Quartz high-pressure sensor
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