Add-on software products for ComoNeo plastics process monitoring and control system / 2834A

Screenshot of ComoNeo software


Benefit from ComoNeo software extensions for monitoring and control, assist and predict or additional functionalities as audit trail or extended interface.
주요 특징 / 장점
  • ComoNeoSWITCH (Type 2834A2)
  • ComoNeoMERGE (Type 2834A3)
  • ComoNeoCOMPOSITE (Type 2834A5)
  • Customizable Sensors (Type 2834A6)
  • ComoNeoCONNECT (Type 2834A7)
  • ComoNeoLOG (Type 2834A8)
  • ComoNeoLDAP (Type 2834A9)
The ComoNeo process monitoring and control system generally consists of the basic functionality for monitoring the injection molding process and can be individually extended with different features.