Acoustic emission AE measuring chains (AE sensor plus AE coupler, both selectable) / 8852A

High temperature acoustic emission measuring chain Type 8852A


Type 8852A is a configurable acoustic emission measuring chain for high temperature and hazardous areas.
주요 특징 / 장점
  • Wide selection of Type 8152C acoustic emission sensors
  • Wide selection of of Type 5125C acoustic emission couplers
  • Option: intrinsically safe or hazardous areas ATEX, IEC, EX, and CSA (Zone 0 or Zone 2)
The piezotron AE sensor consists of the sensor housing, the piezoelectric sensing element, and the built-in impedance converter. The acoustic emission sensing element, made of piezoelectric ceramic, is mounted on a thin steel diaphragm. Its construction determines the sensitivity and frequency response of the sensor. The coupling surface of the diaphragm welded into the housing is slightly protruded to measure the AE signals. Thus, a precisely defined coupling force results when mounting. This assures a constant and reproducible coupling for the AE transmission. The AE piezotron coupler, with built-in RMS converter and alarm switch, has been specially designed for the processing of high frequency sound emission signals from Kistler AE-Piezotron sensors. In the case of standard Types 5125C2 and 5125C3, the unit is delivered with a gain set to x10, while the gain can be set with jumpers to x1, x100, or x1000 by the user depending on the signal amplitude. In the case of the IS/ATEX version, this must be configured upon order and cannot be changed later.