AS9100 D certificate granted to the facility of the Kistler Group site in the U.S.

Wintherthur, February 2023 – Kistler’s Amherst facility in Buffalo, New York, received the EN9100:2018 certificate, which is equivalent to AS9100 D and attests manufacturers extra care in quality and risk management throughout the entire value chain. The standard guarantees that Kistler sensors and equipment meet the high standards that are required for mission-critical measurements in the aerospace industry.

In aerospace applications, even a small technical failure can endanger the success of an entire mission or even threaten lives. Extensive tests are thus a crucial part of any engineering process in this field, as is thorough risk assessment. Measurement technology from Kistler has long been used for tests that ensure the safety of equipment and crew in the aerospace and other industries. The key products are piezoelectric sensors, which are optimally suited to precisely measure dynamic forces, vibrations, and pressure. For critical applications such as tests in space- and aircrafts, the sensors have so far been used in tests carried out on the ground. Mission critical measurements such as health monitoring of key equipment during flights require even more care.

Kistler facility in Buffalo, NY, with improved risk management
Kistler Amherst facility in Buffalo, New York, received the EN9100:2018 certificate, which is equivalent to AS9100 D.

Improved risk management processes

This is where the EN9100:2018 standard comes in: from now on, it will ensure an even higher level of risk management for all newly released products developed and produced at Kistler’s facility in Buffalo, New York. This affects accelerometers, which are commonly used for vibration monitoring, pressure sensors, force sensors as well as all accessories and measuring periphery such as cables and signal conditioning appliances. The certificate takes into account the facility and its quality management system. To comply with it, Kistler checks for and rules out any risk factors throughout the entire value chain: during development, sourcing, production, and in engineering processes for custom products. Additionally, customers profit from batch and lot traceability according to the standard and are guaranteed that each component fulfills their requirements.

The EN9100:2018, which is equivalent to AS9100 D, was specifically developed as an advanced quality management system that meets the requirements for aviation, space and defense organizations. To receive the certificate, companies undergo a two-stage audit process: in the first stage, the auditors take a closer look at all relevant processes and the respective systems which assess and address potential risks. In the second stage, they visit the facilities to see how these processes are put into practice.

For almost 70 years, Kistler has developed and produced sensors and sensor equipment in Buffalo. AS9100-certified products produced in the United States will be available to customers all over the world.

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