The Kistler Academy: know-how and training to help you succeed

The Kistler academy provides you with know-how and helps you succeed in your job.

Welcome to the Kistler Academy! Our claim: to provide you with knowledge and insights so that you can act safely, reliably and efficiently in professional life. Take advantage of the technical expertise of our highly qualified instructors, and benefit from exchanging experiences with other training participants – also available on site at your own premises, if you wish.

The Kistler Academy is an educational organization certified to DIN ISO 21001

Most of our seminars are available in both English and German, and they can be scheduled flexibly. Seminars can be conducted at a Kistler branch or on site at your own premises, if you prefer. 

We'll be glad to offer you a training fitted to your needs and detailed advice on our range of training services – request your offer today!

Kistler Academy Trainings


Sensors in application (acceleration, pressure, force, torque and more)

Device- and technology trainings

Our experts will be presenting you information about what kind of sensors, measurement systems or software you need for which application and how to handle them correctly, including valuable tips for troubleshooting. We’re going to complement this e-learning offering step by step.