Weigh In Motion from Kistler first-time features at World Road Congress

Kistler’s advanced Weigh In Motion (WIM) technology will be center-stage at the PIARC World Road Congress in Prague (Czech Republic) from 2 to 6 October 2023. The Swiss measurement technology expert will present its KiTraffic series of WIM solutions for direct weight enforcement of commercial vehicles and bridge protection – systems backed by decades of development that offer outstanding accuracy, high modularity and an extensive range of functionalities.

The World Road Congress hosted by PIARC (the World Road Association) is the leading international forum for experts on all aspects of road technology and operation. It attracts numerous visitors including government ministers and policymakers from all over the world, and hosts more than 20 technical committees. Alongside a wide-ranging program of scientific presentations and discussions, the event will feature national pavilions and a multi-floor exhibition focusing on technological innovations and solutions from all over the globe.

The Kistler Group is proud to make its debut at this truly global event, which has been staged every four years since 1908. With its Weigh In Motion solutions, Kistler is presenting technology that has a proven track record of over 20 years and is already installed in more than 50 countries worldwide. KiTraffic systems reliably collect traffic data, supply high-precision measurements of axle and vehicle loads for enforcement purposes, and protect roads and bridges from damage by overloaded vehicles.

現在道路上で、どれぐらいの重量の車両が何台、どのくらいの速度で路上を走行しているのかについて、「KiTraffic Statistics」を用いれば経済的に把握することができます。
Debut at the World Road Congress: Weigh In Motion systems in Kistler’s KiTraffic series feature modular integration and are easy to install.

Keeping roads and bridges intact and safe

Faced with soaring truck traffic volumes and flagrant overloading of vehicles, transportation authorities and road operators across the globe are struggling with road maintenance and bridge protection. Many of them are turning to Weigh In Motion technology from Kistler as the solution of choice for direct weight enforcement. Improved accuracy, easier system integration and upgraded usability are just some of the advantages that are driving demand for automatic weight enforcement solutions based on Kistler WIM. In one recent project, a small bridge over a railway in Austria was successfully equipped with Kistler WIM to protect it against further damage and enable the operator to fine overloaded vehicles passing over it.

WIM systems from Kistler are certified by the International Organization of Metrology (OIML) for different accuracy classes, and they allow automatic weight measurement in rolling traffic at speeds of up to 120 km/h (or even higher in the case of vans, for example). They feature Lineas quartz sensors – integrated directly in the road pavement – that can capture loads of up to 30 metric tons per axle across a temperature range from -40 to 80°C. The modular design of Kistler’s WIM components makes it easy to integrate them into overarching traffic management systems, and they can be combined with any third party products as desired.

The most accurate Weigh In Motion system on the global market

KiTraffic Digital – the latest addition to Kistler’s WIM family – breaks new ground, especially for direct enforcement applications. Thanks to innovative sensor architecture, it can attain unprecedented measuring accuracy (uncertainty) of 2.5% GVW (gross vehicle weight), as certified by OIML. This level of performance opens up new opportunities for homologation (legal approval) in many countries. KiTraffic Digital also offers a host of new functions and features including detection of tire anomalies (twin, underinflated, flat), and its fully digital measuring chain ensures optimal system integration, excellent usability and effective compensation for environmental influences.

Last but not least: direct weight enforcement can be combined with additional services in an open ecosystem so users benefit from a complete turnkey solution. KiTraffic Plus offers Weigh In Motion all the way from sensor to software – plus additional functions such as speed enforcement, vehicle imaging and identification, dimensional scans, and many more. Based on its cutting-edge Weigh In Motion technology, Kistler can now supply application-specific traffic solutions tailored precisely to each customer’s individual requirements – as demonstrated by this recent example from Luxembourg.

Meet the WIM experts from the Kistler Group at the World Road Congress in Prague this October – we look forward to showing you what Weigh In Motion from Kistler is capable of achieving for you!