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Welcome to the Kistler Academy! Our claim: to provide you with knowledge and insights so that you can act safely, reliably and efficiently in professional life. Take advantage of the technical expertise of our highly qualified instructors, and benefit from exchanging experiences with other training participants – also available on site at your own premises, if you wish.

The Kistler Academy is an educational organization certified to DIN ISO 21001

Most of our seminars are available in both English and German, and they can be scheduled flexibly. Seminars can be conducted at a Kistler branch or on site at your own premises, if you prefer. 

Find more information in the Kistler Academy brochure. We'll be glad to offer you a training fitted to your needs and detailed advice on our range of training services – request your offer today!

Kistler Academy Trainings



Electro mobility


Our experts will be presenting you information about what kind of sensors, measurement systems or software you need for which application and how to handle them correctly, including valuable tips for troubleshooting. We’re going to complement this e-learning offering step by step.

Measurement technology know-how presented digitally: our webinars

Kistler experts regularly share their knowledge in live online webinars. You can access a series of recordings that focus on a vast range of technical subjects covering the entire measuring chain, from sensor to software: introductions, quick-start guides and tutorials, insights into technology trends, specialist advice on single topics – the list is almost endless. Request a frequently updated overview of our webinars!

Cutting force

Milling operation is one of the most important manufacturing methods where complex shapes and geometries can be produced. Due to the high dynamics of the cutting forces, it is important to measure, understand and optimize machine and process settings through force measurement. This webinar explains how to build your own monitoring system with dynamometers from Kistler and how to control the milling processes through force measurement and advanced NC programming.

Test and Measurement

A filter always cuts away a part of the measured signal. That’s why it is essential to implement the correct filters. Don’t miss this webinar in case you want to learn more on different filter types and how to apply them. Moreover, cut-off frequency, filter order & characteristics as well as frequency response are treated.


Follow this Kistler online training and learn how the maXYmos TL ML state-of-the-art process monitoring system for force-displacement monitoring operates in medical and pharmaceutical manufacturing environments.


Watch this presentation from Kistler and learn how electromechanical joining systems (servo presses) applied to joining and press-fitting operations maximize energy efficiency, reduce CO2 emissions, cut operating costs and at the same time boost plant productivity.

Electromechanical joining systems (servo presses) enable to make energy savings of up to 90 percent*. Gain control over instead of just monitoring the critical parameters and figures – thanks to our tried and tested maXYmos NC, TL and BL integrated process monitoring systems and sophisticated programs, as the Kistler 3R-CTN which also includes a Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) calculation module.

Play a valuable part in environment protection and stay competitive. Kistler will effectively support you in achieving these goals and your long-term success – from planning to after-sales services. View this webinar video and change the game with electromechanical joining systems/servo presses from Kistler.
*Study by the University of Kassel (2012)