Acoustic Emission (AE): Practical Considerations and Condition Monitoring

Acoustic emission (AE) is a measurand for examining the behavior of materials deforming under stress. Materials "talk" when they are in trouble: with AE measuring chains you can "listen" to the sounds of cracks growing, fibers breaking and many other modes of deformation in the stressed material. Small-scale damage is detectable long before failure, so AE can be used as an advanced method of non-destructive testing and even closed-loop control.

In this webinar, we will address the following acoustic emission topics:

  • Concept of operation, installation and mounting
  • Operation in hazardous zones
  • Signal processing and DAQ
  • Applications such as fatigue/breakage, leaks, cavitation and cutting force

Acoustic emission complements detecting conditions that are often used for condition monitoring applications in areas such as energy and infrastructure as well as industrial applications.