I test sui motori elettrici per la ricerca e lo sviluppo di Kistler sono caratterizzati da soluzioni di banchi di prova scalabili e adatti ad applicazioni specifiche.

Electric motor testing technology for R&D

Many years of experience for 100% quality

Development work on drive systems for electric mobility and high-efficiency engines calls for electric motor testing technology for R&D that can meet the highest standards of serviceability and flexibility. To meet these demands, Kistler supplies scalable test stand solutions geared to specific applications.

Mechanical components, small test stands with torque-speed measurements or fully automated complete solutions to analyze and document electrical drive systems: for all these applications and more, broad-band high-precision measuring technology ensures synchronous acquisition of electromechanical measurement signals – so both online and offline evaluations of efficiency, dynamics and stability are possible at every operating point.

Advantages of electric motor testing technology for R&D from Kistler:

  • All components from torque sensors to complex test stand systems from a single source
  • Complete turnkey systems
  • Modular and scalable design allowings for subsequent extensions


  • Quality control
  • Process reliability
  • Increased productivity
  • Optimized resources
  • Products are simple to integrate

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