Ongoing quality assurance of bolted joints for the Chinese market

Shanghai, 24 November 2016 – The Kistler Group - a global leader in dynamic pressure, force, torque and acceleration measurement - acquired the measuring torque specialist Schatz GmbH. Schatz develops, produces and distributes globally laboratory systems for the analysis of screw connections, calibration equipment and test systems for torque tools, as well as portable measurement systems for random sample testing. To ensure ongoing high level consultancy to the Chinese market, the management of the distributor Zwick Roell China as well as Kistler Asia gathered for knowledge exchange in Switzerland and China.

To offer a wider application range for quality assurance in industrial manufacturing, the Kistler Group acquired the measuring torque specialist Schatz. Customers of both companies will benefit from the knowledge exchange, the expanded portfolio as well as their global reach with local service. “The acquisition was a logical step for Kistler to expand its services to manufacturers,' says Rolf Sonderegger, CEO of Kistler Group. 'We want our customers to be able to use our measuring technology in even more applications and thus increase the number of complete systems and services.”

Sustaining well established relationships in China

Thanks to the acquisition, customers of Schatz GmbH benefit from Kistler’s worldwide reach and have access to their services through a global sales network. The successful cooperation bet¬ween Schatz GmbH and Zwick Roell Mechanical Equipment Co. Ltd in China will remain. Zwick is provid-ing Schatz’s products, software and services to the Chinese market to ensure ongoing high level consultancy. “We are very happy with the continuation of this successful partnership to guarantee customer satisfaction in China.” says Michael Raber, Asia Continental Head of Kistler Group.

Kistler and Zwick Roell China exchange application knowledge for bolted joints

Screw driving is one of the most elementary basic processes in industrial manufacturing. The moni-toring and inspection of screw connections is extremely important in quality assurance, especially in the automotive industry. During the final assembly of products or complex modules, these connections are usually made. At this critical stage, all influences, errors or inaccuracies come together and even the smallest mistake can cost millions. With the development of systems for quality assurance like tool testing (cerTEST) or laboratory systems (ANALYSIS) from Schatz, these can be minimized or avoided. With the onset of China’s economic restructuring and the shift to upgrade its manufacturing industry from one of quantity to quality, China has turned to smart manufacturing. In light of this, specialists from Schatz GmbH, Kistler Group and Zwick have gathered to discuss the challenges and needs of Chinese manufactures. Chinese customers benefit from the unique and strong collaboration between Schatz and Zwick that bring innovations made in Germany to China, to support manufacturers in assuring high quality production.