Multipurpose accelerometers, lightweight, ceramic shear, 50 … 500 g, top connector / 8774B

Single-axis accelerometers from Kistler for e-motor and e-powertrain NVH testing offer high performance.


Small, envelope size, and lightweight, family Type 8774B are general-purpose vibration measuring accelerometers with a top connector.
Caratteristiche/vantaggi principali
  • High-frequency response, high resolution, low transverse sensitivity
  • Low-noise
  • Ground-isolated adhesive mount option
  • 10 bar integral cable IP68 option available
  • Top connector
  • Conforming to CE
Family Type 8774B are low impedance, voltage mode accelerometers designed for vibration measurement in single or multi-channel applications. The unique top connector design is rugged and maintains excellent integrity with repeated connections. The ceramic sensing element components are carefully designed to provide the level of performance most often required in general purpose vibration measurements. The shear technology from Kistler assures high immunity to base strain, thermal transients, and transverse accelerations. Other outstanding features include high frequency response, lightweight and hermetic sealing up to full IP68 (10 bar) with an integral cable option. A low impedance voltage output is provided by the internal electronic impedance converter. This output allows for the use of an inexpensive coaxial cable, while providing high noise immunity and insensitivity to cable motion.
Ceramic Shear Accelerometer (Low Impedance, Voltage Mode)
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