Center hole lightweight PiezoStar accelerometers, 5000 g / 8715A

Kistler offers single-axis accelerometers for engine and powertrain NVH testing featuring ultra-low temperature sensitivity.


Family Type 8715A are miniature, lightweight accelerometers for shock and vibration measurements, especially for changing temperature conditions.
Main features / advantages
  • IEPE voltage mode
  • Unique PiezoStar sensing element
  • Operating temperature range: –54 ... 165°C (–65 ... 330°F)
  • Ultra-low temperature sensitivity
  • Lightweight, hermetically sealed
  • Conforming to CE
The Type 8715A side connector accelerometers feature Kistler's unique PiezoStar seismic element. Operating at –55 ... 165°C (–65 ... 330°F), this unique element provides a wide operating frequency, ultra-low temperature coefficient of sensitivity of –0.01%/°C (–0.006%/°F), low base strain and low transverse sensitivity to minimize measurement errors. An internal Piezotron impedance converter circuit converts the charge developed in the PiezoStar seismic element during shock or vibration into a voltage output. PiezoStar accelerometers provide excellent long term stability and repeatability. These accelerometers are ground isolated and have hermetically sealed titanium housings.
K-Shear Accelerometers – PiezoStar Accelerometers
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