Weigh In Motion (WIM) system KiTraffic Digital / 9845A

Weigh In Motion (WIM) system KiTraffic Digital


KiTraffic Digital is a unique system for vehicle weight and tire enforcement and the most accurate Weigh In Motion system available on the market.
  • Highly accurate WIM data in open road (inter-lane) traffic
  • Highest rate of enforceable WIM data records
  • Vehicle classification
  • Vehicle presence detection included (no loops required)
  • Road heath monitoring
  • Based on proven quartz sensor technology
The KiTraffic Digital system (type 9845) consists of Lineas Digital sensors (type 9181) which are connected to industrial grade standard electronics with Kistler Software. There is no WIM controller or data logger required. The Lineas Digital WIM sensors provide digitized signals from quartz elements and vehicle presence for measuring wheel, axle and gross weight, as well as speed of road vehicles. These signals contain additional position information to determine tire type (single or dual), tire dimensions and lateral driving position. The Power over Ethernet (POE) Switch provides power to all sensors in the road and makes sensor signals available to a local PC. The WIM system is accessed via a router. All relevant WIM data is provided on a graphical User Interface (GUI), via a machine-readable REST API (pull communication) and as data stream via web hooks (push communication). The simple web-based GUI enables system configuration and calibration as well as visualization of measurement data. For enforcement applications, the KiTraffic Digital system can be upgraded with vehicle identification (e.g. ANPR cameras) and additional 3rd party technology. The system is fully compatible with Kistler enforcement software solutions Kistler Checkpoint and Kistler Studio.